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Internal Audit

by Reitoria | published 09/01/2014 09:56 am | last update 07/13/2017 10:40 am

On 06/04/2001, the IN SFC/MF 01/2001 approved the Internal Control System Manual of the Federal Executive Office. The manual has a specific chapter that deals with the Units of Internal Audit, which aims to achieve uniformity of understandings and to regulate the activities, as follows:

Internal Audit is a group of procedures technically arranged which works through indirect monitoring of processes, evaluation of results and proposition of corrective measures for management faults of the entities connected to it. The internal audit actions are taken by audit units or by an internal auditor, specially assigned for the position and his main attribution is to advise the high administration, trying to add value to the management. (Annex - IN/MF/SFCI/Nº 01/2001, chapter X)

Chief Academic Office

Internal Control General Coordination – CGCI
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