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Institutional Development Plan

by Reitoria | published 09/01/2014 09:56 am | last update 11/25/2019 10:18 am

The Federal Technology, Science and Education Institutes created from the transition/integration of the former Federal Technological Education Centers, Technical and Agricultural Technical Schools, and Schools attached/ linked to Universities are defined as institutions which offer undergraduate, basic and professional education, manifold curricula and multicampi. They are autarchic, administratively, patrimonial, financial, pedagogic and disciplinary autonomous.

In Brazil the Federal Institutes are the only Educational Institutions which have this format, having a unique characteristic in terms of administrative and organizational structure: course offers at different educational levels and modalities. As undergraduate institutions, the Federal Institutes must have an Institutional Development Plan (IDP), an invaluable requirement for Government assessment and recognition of undergraduate courses. The minimal content of the IDP is determined by the article 16 of the Act nº 5773, 2006, which highlights the Strategic Planning, the Institutional Pedagogic Project (IPP), the pedagogic and methodological organization, course offer planning and infrastructure.

Beyond mandatory and legal requirements, planning and monitoring processes are the administration foundations which make the IPD a needful tool for management.

Considering that the IPD contain mission, vision, objectives and targets from which the annual action plans must be made, it is important that it is conceived in order to aid articulations between strategic and tactical plans.

This strategic dimension must be built considering the law and other documents which guide the administration of the Institution.

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